Recording tomorrow.

That’s right our next recording session is here! IF you have any suggestions or requests please drop us a line! We’ve got a couple topics in mind including some Hobby Tips as wells as some more Meta related discussions. Thanks for listening!




OH boy. The new Horus Heresy rule book pre-order has been delayed due to “Quality Control” issues. I personally don’t mind. I’d rather have it come out right than come out broken. I have already had one red book fall apart upon opening the shrink wrap direct from Forge World. Now to their credit they expressed out a replacement, but still who wants to go through that hassle? Let hope it gets fixed fast and we can say goodbye to Invisibility!

Episode 3…. Soon

Good morning. Episode 3 should be up some time this weekend. Will be finishing editing tonight and submitting to the network for publishing.  Been working on my Apothecarion Detachment this week. Need to start hitting the details. Any kindly advise on hitting all those crazy small equipment details? Post and let us know!

The Tau have arrived?

Now no hate here, but I’m not exactly thrilled with the look of the new Orion Drop Ship. I mean it looks cool(and here it comes) but it looks like a Modified Tau devilfish. I mean did dome custodes get Mutated in the warp, crash land on a planet and evolve into the Tau race? Wow now that would be a spin! Fan fic here we come!

Orion Dropship