Month: September 2017

The Tau have arrived?

Now no hate here, but I’m not exactly thrilled with the look of the new Orion Drop Ship. I mean it looks cool(and here it comes) but it looks like a Modified Tau devilfish. I mean did dome custodes get Mutated in the warp, crash land on a planet and evolve into the Tau race? Wow now that would be a spin! Fan fic here we come!

Orion Dropship


Oath of Moment My Recap

Well as always Ryan and Nick put on a great event. It was a 2 game 3000pt event. Each side’s general appointed mission and special objective based on table and opponent. Multiple lists were allowed and multi-bombing a must!

I of course took my Ultramarines, which were not full painted due to a LITERAL paint booth meltdown. First game was a team game 3000pts of Ultras and my teammate Chris’ 1000 pts of Sallies versus 3000 pts of Iron Warrios and 1000pts of Nightlords. First turn was great, and we should have know better when down hill from there. G-man did not even get in the mix. Lessons learn be careful what units you screen with. Also I did Seize initiative so that was kewl.

Game 2 was an awesome grudge match. Dave Challenged me Alpha and Omega, Primarch on Primarch. So the Pride of the Legion Hosts went at it. I again stole initiative! That’s twice in one day. I have never done that before nor do I expect to again!I suffered some devastating losses turn 1 but fought back. The two Sicarans made their presence felt! Dave had to get objectives while I needed to hold center of the board, but it came down to a game of attrition, Rhinos popping left and right. Dave’s Venator and my Land raider both got popped early. The Sicarans chipped away at both infantry and Dave Spartan while my Spartan rolled into position. Guilliman and the Suzerains with Apothacary jumped out to get ready to assault, which is when Dave turned around his Rhino and popped my guys with some plasma! Then The couple remaining Suzerains and GMan got assaulted by Alpharius and his termies. I hung in there a couple rounds but in the end Guilliman but the bullet. But next turn so did Alpharius and his boys. I had him on the run but sure enough turn 5 I rolled and the game ended. Was an AWESOME match and definitely one of the best time I have had playing Horus Heresy. I think both of us learned a lot about our lists.

I can say one thing for sure. The primarchs will hit the table again!

Episode 2 The Turduckin’

Episode 2 is live for download! Itunes and from the freebooters network website! It’s an episode, from a podcast, from a network. The first master of the legion segment is the main focus of this episode. A break down of the Seeker Squad. Enjoy.

New Sicaran Variant!

Check out the Sicaran Omega Tank Destoyer. Lethal at close range but not much of a threat over 24 inches. Yes its a fast vehicle, but when you move it up to strike, especially if you are in a drop pod meta, it can really open you up to a DDM type of an attack. Definitely love the aesthetic and with a name like Omega, I will definitely be getting one for my Ultramarines.99560101551_OmegaTankDestroyer01

Forge World Sicaran Omega


There are experimental rules for both Horus Heresy and 40K.


Episode two on the way this weekend!

Hey listeners of the Pride of the Legion podcast. The second episode is with the Freebooters network GURUs and should be up in the next couple of days. We have some information coming soon about some possible contests on the way too! Also coming soon we will have some Video Product reviews. If you have any idea for a name for these reviews drop us a line!