I’ve been away!

Well, sorry for not maintaining the site or podcast. Simple truth is a lot of life changes have occurred. This includes a new job where Dave and I haven’t gotten together in months. I am in that limbo of trying to do a much smaller scaled podcast and blog or shut down. I would imagine that most people have stopped following so it may not even matter. BUt I thought I needed to at least jump back on and give an update.




Dave “HockeyHyper” Jarrett

Space Wolves have Praetor Power

Forge World

The wolves are on the prowl again! This puppy is on the prowl for heretics and Scooby snacks!


Granted I do like the overall look of the model and the chain sword is pretty bad ass looking, I do wish we had some sort of power weapon option to go here. I mean how many of us outfit our Praetors with a chain sword? But hey! We do get an option dagger to replace the bolter!